About Authorized Store

Authorized Store is a retailer brand vetting service. Our primary objective is to provide honest, forthright businesses/people with a way of differentiating themselves from fair and/or illegitimate competition. Through that objective, we give consumers a clear and easy way to identify that both, the products and the e-commerce store they purchase from are authentic.

Authorized Store is owned and managed by business people that understand the challenges that honest, ethical retailers face today. The Internet has brought about tremendous, positive change and opportunity. Because of that great opportunity, non authentic opportunists are always seeking to prevail. Authorized Store was created as a way to fight those negative forces with a positive differentiator….our Retailer Seal of Integrity.

Serial entrepreneur and businessman Daniel C. Botbol is the President of Authorized Store. Years of experience in many facets/areas of business and more specifically in e-commerce retail environments, brought about the idea of this beneficial service.

Quote: “As the owner and operator of authorized, legitimate e-commerce sites, I was frustrated with the fact that the internet was so littered with unethical businesses. I also was surprised to see how trusting consumers are and what little effort they typically make, in order to properly identify a trustworthy source or store. Most people don’t realize or understand the risks associated with buying from some online stores and even major store operators that they trust, including from retailers that advertise products on amazon.com, ebay.com and others. They figure that they’ve got a return guarantee, which they do…but they never consider that the products might be old, used or even fake. I knew something had to be done to combat the damage done by these illegitimate sources. That’s why I created Authorized Store.”

You can contact Dan at: dbotbol@authorizedstore.com

Retailer Seal of Integrity