Retailer Eligibility

Authorized Store Retailer Eligibility Requirements

Becoming an Authorized Store gives you and your company the ability to set yourself apart from other stores, including the undesirable grey market competition that exists on the internet. No other service and seal gives potential customers what they are really looking for…the security of knowing that they are buying authentic products from a manufacturer authorized store/retailer.

Our main eligibility/qualification component for Authorized Store retailers is the foundation of our principles and our existence:

Integrity… An approved Authorized Store must be a manufacturer approved dealer/retailer for each and every brand that they represent and sell in their business/online store….no exceptions!

In order to qualify to be an Authorized Store, you must also meet the following requirements:

  • Pass the Authorized Store brand vetting process. This process must be performed/passed for brands that are represented on the candidate store/website. The store/retailer must be authorized for every brand and these contractual relationships must be maintained in order to keep the “Authorized Store” status/access to the seal.
  • An eligible store/retailer must have a clear and concise “About Us” business/store description section in their website footer or in another clearly visible position. A complete, acceptable about us section should describe the business history and background in either a specific or comprehensive way, but this section must also include “Who” the business ownership is. At a minimum, (1) one owner or partner name/e-mail contact information must be disclosed. Larger organizations can name key/management personnel, instead. Note: Approval of this eligibility component is at the discretion of Authorized Store management.
  • An eligible store/retailer “contact us” section must include an accurate, complete business address, a business day accessible client service phone number and at least (1) one main contact e-mail address.
  • An eligible store/retailer must use common, prevalent e-commerce store technology to ensure that their visitors are safe and secure. This means that their business website must be managed by a verifiable, PCI compliant hosting service and their login/shopping cart checkout process must utilize secure server HTTPS over SSL encrypted communications.
  • If rated, an eligible store/retailer must have/maintain a minimum star rating average of (4) four with a nationally recognized customer satisfaction survey service such as Google Trusted Store or Bizrate. (5) Five star ratings are typically used by these services. New stores, less than (6) six months old, without any current ratings are exempt from this qualification for initial approval, but they will be monitored/reviewed/vetted for ratings after (6) six months of Authorized Store service/seal access.
  • An eligible store/retailer must practice business in an ethical manner. Deceptive advertising and or illegal business practices of any sort will not be tolerated. Our store feedback form allows users/visitors to “Report a Store” for any improper business practices. Authorized Store management reviews and determines the authenticity and severity of any complaints. Note: Many complaint resolution decisions are subjective, therefore, Authorized Stores management holds the exclusive right to determine the outcome and/or penalty associated with an infraction, which can include cancellation of service and access to our seal.
  • An eligible store/retailer and its owners must have a clear business history. Once again, business integrity is what the “Authorized Store” seal is all about. If the business and/or the business owner/owners have ever had a history of selling products via grey market methods or if they currently purchase, promote, access, integrate or sell grey market products, their access to our service can be disapproved and/or cancelled. Note: Authorized Store and its management maintain the right to cancel a business/store/retailer access to our service for any reason and at any time.
  • An eligible store/retailer must be able to meet/maintain our Code of Ethics and Standards at all times. An authorized/approved store must also be able to meet/follow our Retailer Guidelines

If you meet our requirements, then set yourself apart and sign up.

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