Store/Retailer Code of Ethics & Standards

  • An Authorized Store must be an approved/authorized retailer for each and every brand that they post/sell on their website.
  • An Authorized Store must be forthright and very clear about who they are. This means that their “About Us” section must include:  A thorough business description stating exactly who they are, an accurate business address, a business phone number and owner or management description/contact information. Actual pictures and descriptions of key business personnel is a plus, but only (1) one owner or partner name/e-mail contact information must be disclosed. Keep in mind that most legitimate businesses are proud to tell you who they are.
  • An Authorized Store must use todays common technology advancements to ensure that their visitors transactions are safe and secure. This means that their business website must be managed by a verifiable, PCI compliant hosting service and their login/shopping cart checkout process must utilize “secure server” HTTPS over SSL encrypted communications. Note: Authorized Store does not guarantee or ensure your privacy and security. We only verify the approved Authorized Stores use of these important “safe shopping” security components. See our: Liability Disclaimer
  • An Authorized Store must hold and maintain excellent levels of customer satisfaction. Most customer service review companies like Google Trusted Stores, Bizrate and others use a 5 star rating system to gauge customer service/satisfaction. An Authorized Store must hold/maintain a minimum star rating of (4) with one or more of these rating services.
  • An Authorized Store must practice business in an ethical business manner. Deceptive advertising and or illegal business practices of any sort are not tolerated. Our store feedback form allows users/visitors to “Report a Store” for any improper business practices. Authorized Store management reviews and determines the authenticity and severity of any complaints. Note: Many complaint resolution decisions are subjective, therefore, Authorized Stores management holds the exclusive right to determine the outcome and/or penalty associated with an infraction.
Retailer Seal of Integrity