Consumer Liability Disclaimer

Retailer Guidelines

Eligibility Components

  • The applicant store/retailer must meet all of the criteria outlined in our Eligibility Requirements, our Ethics and Standards policy and these Retailer Guidelines.
  • The applicant store/retailer must be a U.S. or Canadian based store/retailer.
  • The applicant store/retailer site content must maintain/keep current their Authorized Store Retailer Profile, including contact information, logos, URL’s and any other pertinent site information. The approved store/retailer must also maintain a current terms of service, privacy and return policy on their own site.
  • The approved retailer is retailer of record. Products sold on the approved/store website must be exclusively products that were purchased wholesale in an official manufacturer/dealer relationship by the approved store/retailer. Retailer must not carry/promote/sell any products that are counterfeit, fake or altered in any way. Only genuine, original manufacturer products are allowed.
  • An approved retailer must not make misleading claims and information provided to consumers must be completely accurate. The approved retailer also must not imply any affiliation or partnership with Authorized Store LLC. Any press releases must be approved by Authorized Store management.
  • Product use risks must also be fully disclosed. Retailers cannot use our seal if they sell hazardous products such as explosives, poisonous/toxic substances, radioactive or highly corrosive materials or anything else deemed dangerous for public use.
  • An approved retailers store/website must be free of malware and viruses or any other negative attributes which may affect the quality of a consumers visit. Spam techniques of any kind are also not allowed.
  • Authorized Store may suspend or discontinue use of part or all of our seal/certificate at any time, including during maintenance updates or changes. We reserve the right to make these changes without notice or liability.

Consumer Liability Disclaimer

Seal/Certificate Use

The intended use of the Authorized Store Seal and Certificate is for placement on an approved store/retailer website. All other uses/purposes are prohibited.

  • The seal/certificate can only be used/displayed on the approved/vetted website. It cannot be used on any other website owned or unowned by the approved business/retailer.
  • The seal/certificate must solely be used/displayed as described and intended by Authorized Store policies and guidelines.
  • The seal/certificate cannot be used/displayed on websites that sell unauthorized, offensive, dangerous, fake, generic or illegal products. Note: Authorized Store reserves the right to approve or disapprove any store/retailer/website for use of our seal certificate.
  • The seal/certificate cannot and should not be “hard coded” for use on any website. Approved Stores/Retailers may not, under any circumstances, use images, screenshots, icons or any other means of duplicating our seal/certificate and/or any other written elements for use on any website. The only authorized way to display our seal is by using our provided Java Script code. All other methods of display are strictly prohibited.
  • The seal/certificate should never be altered or obscured in any way. It should also be displayed exclusively according to our recommended methods.
  • Seal/certificate use/purpose is clearly defined on our Authorized Store website. It cannot and should not be used for any other purpose.

Consumer Liability Disclaimer

Technical Requirements

Approved Stores/Retailers must integrate/install Java Script code on their website, in order to display the Authorized Store seal/certificate and to track certain analytics information. Here are the requirements:

  • Retailer must install/integrate Java Script code on store/website pages where seal/certificate display is desired. The code will allow Authorized Store to monitor customer/seal display interaction. Accumulated data is collected and used for the provision of store/retailer consumer/seal analytics information. This information is accessible in the Retailer Interface, which is accessible after signup.
  • Consumer security and safety must be the priority of an approved store/retailer. For this reason, retailers must be 100% compliant with U.S. and or local laws and regulations related to the subject of privacy and data collection. Also, the collection of customer data or during transaction and payment processing, must be conducted over a secure server, utilizing SSL encryption technology or HTTPS:// Note: Authorized Store may suspend or terminate the account of any retailer/website that is found to be in violation of our policies and/or the law.
  • All retailer/website information/content must be completely up to date, truthful and accurate. Any deceptive practices are grounds for immediate account termination.

Consumer Liability Disclaimer

Monitoring and Complaint Resolution

  • Authorized Store provides consumers with a feedback link/form on our official website. This form can be used to “Report a Store” for any non conforming business behavior/practices. We also perform regular store/website inspections to ensure that retailers maintain the standards necessary to remain Authorized.
  • All consumer complaints received by telephone or via our “Report a Store” link will be fully evaluated by Authorized Store personnel. In all cases, the retailer/store will have an opportunity to respond to the complaint by e-mail. The response must be made/completed within 7 days of receiving an e-mail advisory of the complaint from an Authorized Store representative.
  • During the investigation of a complaint or during a breach of any of our policies, Authorized Store LLC and its representatives reserve the right to discontinue service/access to our seal/certificate.
  • Authorized Store and it’s management reserves the right to terminate a retailer/store account for any and all reasons, including for any reasons/complaints provided exclusively by one or more consumers.

Retailer Seal of Integrity