Retailer Profile Page

Retailer Interface


Once you complete the sign up process and pay for your vetting fees, youll have access to our Authorized Store Retailer Interface. The interface allows you to manage several different features/tools. They are:

Note: You must Login in order to access the Retailer Interface: Login / Checkout

Retailer Profile Page


When you sign up, youll be asked several questions. Your answers populate your Retailer profile page with key points about your store. You will be able to upload your logo for this page, as well. The Retailer profile page is accessible by consumers through a link on your Authorized Store certificate. The certificate pops up for view on hover or when the seal is clicked. Profile page components can be changed at any time. The profile page consists of the following components:

Business logo

Business name

Website address

Years in business

# of brands carried

Business biography

Retailer Communication Tool

Retailer Communication Tool

Use this tool for all general communication with Authorized Store Customer Support. The tool holds a record of your/our communication.

Seal Configuration

Seal/Configuration Downloads


This section allows users to physically choose, then download the code needed to implement the Authorized Store seal/certificate. Color and size options can also be selected at the same time.


See our: Integration Process page for further detail on seal placement options.

Authorized Brand Checklist

Brand Checklist/Communications Tool


At sign up, you will be asked to provide a complete list of brands carried. You can add to the list in the Brands Checklist link of the interface. You can also communicate with Authorized Store Customer Support via an e-mail communications tool located in this same link.

Authorized Store Analytics

Authorized Store Analytics


Authorized Store analytics allow Retailers to view these important consumer/visitor details:

  • Certificate Impressions by date range- Total impressions, Average impressions per day and Average duration per impression.
  • Retailer Profile Impressions- Total impressions, Average impressions per day and Average duration per impression.

Google Analytics Option: If you provide us with the Google Analytics number associated with your store, we can associate the number with your Authorized Store code. This option allows site visitor detail to appear in your Google Analytics reports.

Retailer Seal of Integrity