Authorized Store Applicant Vetting Process & Fees

How long does the vetting process take?

The Authorized Store applicant vetting process is a straightforward process, but approval can take some time. Stores with a few brands can be approved in a day or several days, while larger stores can take weeks. The more brands a store represents, the more time it takes for complete brand vetting/confirmation. Access to manufacturers contacts, contact cooperation and number of brands to vet can all have an impact on approval time.

What ’s involved in the vetting process?

The core part of our vetting process consists of our communication with brand manufacturers to confirm retailer/dealer status. Authorized Store/Applicant communication is the key to a quick approval. Our manufacturer contact methods include confirmation of dealer status by manufacturer website dealer locator, e-mail and/or by phone. Authorized Store applicants must provide a list of all brands carried and contacts, when they complete their initial application/vetting payment. Brands and contacts can be added for approval during the vetting process. During our vetting process, Authorized Store can and will add brands to the vetting list that may be missed in the initial application.

During the brand vetting process, Authorized Store representatives will also confirm that the applicant/store meets the balance of requirements listed in our "Eligibility Requirements" and "Retailer Guidelines" sections.

How will we communicate and resolve any any brand vetting and confirmation issues? Once youve paid your initial brand vetting fee, you will be given access to your retailer portal. The portal includes a specific brand checklist/retailer communication tool for this particular purpose.

How do I get access to my Authorized Store seal/certificate?

Once the Authorized Store vetting process is complete. You will be prompted by e-mail to complete/authorize your monthly recurring payment for our service. Any additional brand vetting fees due will also be billed/collected at this time. When your payment/payments are made, you will be given full access to our "Seal Downloads" section located in your Retailer Portal.

See our: Integration Process section for details on how to implement the seal on your store/website.

How do I install the Authorized Store seal/certificates on my store/website?

The seal/certificates work/appear by using Java Script code. Approved retailers must either install on their own or hire a professional developer to install the code. The code must be specifically placed in each and any specific location where the seal/certificate is desired for display. See our: Integration Process

What are the Service Fees?

Authorized Store provides retailers with more than just a typical user rating/satisfaction seal. We provide potential consumers/customers with a sense of security that cannot be derived from a simple gold star rating system. To provide this value, we do more than just installing great technology, information and symbolism. Authorized Store is primarily a retailer vetting service. We perform the physical and labor intensive task of verifying retailer/brand authenticity. For this reason, we have a typical monthly recurring fee, but we also have an initial brand/brands vetting fee.

Brand Vetting Fee

At the end of the sign up process, applicants are required to pay a brand vetting fee. The fee is based upon the number of brands carried by the store. Number of brands estimated should be as close as possible to the exact number carried. If the estimated brands/fee paid is close to the actual number of brands carried, then Authorized Store will commence the vetting process. If the estimated brands/fee paid is significantly off, Authorized Store will not commence the vetting process until the additional fees are paid.

  • Approved Stores- Once the vetting process is complete and fees are paid, approved stores will be allowed access to seal/certificate downloads. If the number of brands vetted exceeds the initial brand vetting fee paid, the approved store will be required to pay the additional fee before final approval/access is given. An Authorized Store representative will send and e-mail request, along with an invoice attached.
  • Non approved Stores- If a store does not pass our vetting process, they will not be allowed to display the Authorized Store seal/certificate. A store will not be approved if they do not meet our eligibility requirements and/or our retailer guidelines, which includes our ethics and standards. note the brand vetting fee is non refundable, due to the fact that labor must be spent in order to properly vet the brands. applicant stores that do not pass our vetting/confirmation process will not be eligible for a refund.

Brand Vetting Fee (One Time Fee)
1-100 Brands $49
101-200 Brands $99
201-300 Brands $199
301-600 Brands $299
601-1000 Brands $399
1001 and Up Brands $499

Monthly Recurring Fee

Once a store is approved, they will receive an invoice for their monthly recurring service fee, as well. An Authorized Store representative will send and e-mail request, along with an invoice attached. This fee must also be paid before access to seal/certificate downloads can be given. Monthly recurring fees will continue until service is cancelled by the approved store or by an Authorized Store representative. Service can be canceled by either party, for any reason, at any time.

Monthly Recurring Fee (Paid Monthly in Advance)
1-100 Brands $39
101-200 Brands $59
201-300 Brands $79
301-600 Brands $99
601-1000 Brands $149
1001 and Up Brands $199

Annual Checkup/Renewal and Store Obligation

Authorized Store and its representatives reserve the right to review the approved store and its eligibility in our program. Annually, we will assess the store/retailer website for added brands. If brands have been added, the approved Authorized Store will be given an invoice adjustment for their monthly recurring fee. An Authorized Store representative will contact the approved store to confirm details/brands changes. A store representative must provide accurate detail on all authorized brands carried.

Note: Please read our Refund Policy

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