Retailer Liability Disclaimer

Retailer Liability Disclaimer

Seal/Certificate Display

Authorized Store LLC does not guarantee that our seal/certificate will display 100% of the time. On occasion, usually due to site maintenance, the seal/certificate will not display. For the most part, site maintenance will occur at off hours or non peak times. Additionally, Authorized Stores LLC reserves the right to “turn off” or deactivate use of our seal/certificate, if the retailer/store is out of compliance with any of our policies and standards or if their account is not current.

Seal/Certificate Interpretation

The Authorized Store seal/certificate is meant to convey a sense of retailer/store reliability and integrity to potential consumers/buyers. Authorized Stores LLC is not responsible for any consumer misinterpretation or misunderstanding of our seal, our certificate description, our website information or the retailer/store retailer profile page.

Retailer Liability Disclaimer

Retailer/Store Profile Page

Authorized Store LLC is not in any way responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and accuracy of any information posted on a Retailer/Store profile page. All approved retailer/stores are solely responsible for the initial and ongoing upkeep of their profile page.

Retailer/Store Analytics

Authorized Store LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of any analytics data that is collected and displayed in the Retailer Interface/Analytics section. Consumer interaction information and “clicks” are based on the assumption that authentic, potential consumers are using the retailer/store website. Unfortunately, Bots or other non-consumer traffic may interfere with the accuracy of analytics data.

Retailer Seal of Integrity